Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Stardate 2011

Okay , so it's the end of year and I just realized, that not a stitch has been posted to my blog all year, and then some!

So before we pull the plug I thought it would be nice to do a lil year in review of J! This was probably the most eventful year it has been, this century! Looking back and forward has been a constant, while at the same difficult to focus on the now.

For starters, I think the greatest the discovery I've had is the fact that everyone is ok. Staying in contact with everyone, getting updates on everything from friends bartabs, to that classic music video everyone loved.

It's not music (kinda) but here is one my faves:

This was truly a great year!

Stepping up from apartment life and moving into a house was prolly the best upgrade that has come in a long time (won't mention the super cheap big screen tv we got, because that would just be rubbing it it in).

Visiting family in tennessee was great! Introducing my future brother in-law to Call of Duty MW3 was even better!

My cousin getting married on my uncle's property was amazing! I may not have been there but the pictures of the beautiful day were a welcome gift.

My fiance' getting her masters degree was also huge because she is finally done with school. Also she is much happier with accomplishing this monumental goal of hers.

The most epic thing to happen was probably going on our first cruise. Mexico, Cayman then Jamaica. Seeing all the people and different regions as well experiencing welcoming customs was something to behold by everyone. Not to be outdone, life on the water was a luxury I've never witnessed.

Coming home to Michigan for Christmas has truly been the pinnacle of the year. Not just because it's the most recent but also I was probably a little homesick. There is no place like home. If your not happy here, then your just empty inside.

To those loved ones no longer with us, we miss you.

To the friends and family I've had the pleasure of seeing again, let's do it again.

To the ones I haven't yet, where u at??!!! I'm still here! 'Till Saturday anyway.

Happy New Year !! Make this year, as much as the rest, matter!!