Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Remember when a quarter could buy happiness for 20 minutes? I do. Of course this was centuries ago when I wuz a teen.

The atmosphere of the arcade was always one of competition, pride and community.

5 friend tournaments goin on at the newest fighting game cabinets, to the aeronautical engineers trying to get the best times on flight arcade sims.

Best times that I can recall, besides leaving my friends behind and dedicating my existence to my co-habitating beautiful fiance, no offense to them I miss them deeply and wish them the best.

Anywho.. this week is the Tokyo Game Show in JAPAN!!!!!!!!!
This to me was always where the ambience of the arcade permeated and influenced the energy of the entire community as a whole.

This looks to be an exciting season for the show and look forward to it immensely.

Get your (virtual) coins ready everyone, and let's have a fun time!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I dreamed a dream

So there was this decleration by the FCC saying they were going to move forward with a positive approach to Net Neutrality and Bandwidth limiting.

This is momentus!

I say GoBama!

This is the way our nation can move forward, in knowledge and technological advancement.

Yes the the cable companies want to keep charging you for what you don't use (i.e. any channel you are not watching right now, yet say they have trouble with bandwith) and keep taking money from advertisers at the same time.

Yet this tiny little movement will ripple.

Have you even seen the Sprint Mobile Wifi yet. 4 ip's where ever you go! Can you imagine if that service was 50 dollars a month, and at 4g speeds. With a video output from a computer to your tv you wouldn't need cable.

Tv networks would have to adapt. Another explosion of content would come forth like a tsunami.

You could pay for your own VOIP phone service (i'm partial to Skype myself).

Think of the HUNDREDS of dollars a month consumers (and taxpayers) could save and spend elsewhere.

Monday, September 21, 2009

My Dirt - y Little Secret

So this weekend was an unexpected pleasant surprise, in the form of the new Dirt 2 game from one of my favorite studios, Codemasters.

To no end these guyz were seriously flexing their programming muscle with this title. At times I had to stop and ask myself am I actually in Croatia getting ready to throw down with one of the top drivers in the league, or am I in the future? Surely games don't look this good yet, do they?

From the fog in the mountains of China to the thousands of screaming fans in the L.A. Stadium courses. Never have I had such a fun globe-trotting adventure, screaming these monster machines across such beautiful landscapes and environments.

Keeping me hooked was the steady stream of unlockables and modes of play, from a skateboard that hangs from my rear view mirror to the Gate Crashers targeted challenge mode.

I still havent even tried the online aspect of this game, but I really want to complete the campaign first.

I loved the first Dirt game for the pc, even though it had it's share of problems. I knew then it was a step in the right direction. Completely blown away by this one, total and complete Fan Service. The only thing I wish was in there would be replay editing, and youtube uploading. *Prays for downloadable content.

You have done Colin proud!

Keep up the spectacular work!