Wednesday, May 22, 2013

...Just ...why?

I love videogames! Never been afraid to say it. Love the stories they tell, the worlds they take me to, the challenges they give my tiny brain, and i also love the way they push technology boundaries.

What I am not a fan of is greed. While I do prefer certain brands over another, like if you enjoy a certain can of soup or brand of soda, it seems completely unfair when corporations (in many industries it seems these days; food, phone, cable tv, internet providers and oil to name just a few) only work together to raise prices and limit options given to the consumer.

While i can understand a company's desire to maintain control over used product sales, I also have the right to discuss how it displeases me when a company deliberately adds measures to allow for older games to NOT be played on their newer systems, while lying to our (the consumer's) face and saying it's just not possible.

I'm pretty sure blu-ray still plays dvd's and audio cd's, even picture cd-roms too! Wow..... (the implications of this alone!)

Why would I buy a computer or phone  if it literally plays FEWER (That means less) games or piece's of office software or photo editing software, than it did before.

I'd be willing to bet if a computer with the latest processor can still run windows 3.whatever the same as it can chrome.

They (game companies) explicitly take advantage of a lemming consumer mentality, by saying people will just buy it.

Would you buy a car, a wrench, a house or a business if you were forced to never sell it or had to pay a royalty to the manufacturer at the point of sale?

Sure you would buy it, but I would rather set it on fire than force a charity to pay a fee for a used game I "would" have donated, let alone sell it.

A game is a physical product, disc OR digital, the same as any other.

If a game designer\"artist" wants to call their product art I'm fine w that, just dont treat it like a car lease.

Until that day comes, you can have your money that comes from 5+ whatever million, 5 and 10 year olds playing an fps w modded controllers , lag switches and screaming racist remarks into my all too tired ears.

Just from me to you, thank you for ruining something that should've been better by now, and will never be what it should, (be it not being able to play a game directly with a friend who has the same game on another system, or even not being able to transfer my digital purchases from 1 system to another) and letting your bosses do it to all consumers.

p.s. Gamestop (and other retailers including Amazon and eBay) should boycott the sale of the new consoles AND their games that don't FULLY support used games. You would be cutting your own foot off by selling people your future revenue stream loss. The consumers will never be able to control themselves to boycott, but if the retailers took a stand (have the BALLS to take a stand), well then we all ....

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