Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I dreamed a dream

So there was this decleration by the FCC saying they were going to move forward with a positive approach to Net Neutrality and Bandwidth limiting.

This is momentus!

I say GoBama!

This is the way our nation can move forward, in knowledge and technological advancement.

Yes the the cable companies want to keep charging you for what you don't use (i.e. any channel you are not watching right now, yet say they have trouble with bandwith) and keep taking money from advertisers at the same time.

Yet this tiny little movement will ripple.

Have you even seen the Sprint Mobile Wifi yet. 4 ip's where ever you go! Can you imagine if that service was 50 dollars a month, and at 4g speeds. With a video output from a computer to your tv you wouldn't need cable.

Tv networks would have to adapt. Another explosion of content would come forth like a tsunami.

You could pay for your own VOIP phone service (i'm partial to Skype myself).

Think of the HUNDREDS of dollars a month consumers (and taxpayers) could save and spend elsewhere.
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